About Us

Guiding Angel 1299 is an organization which establish by a team of teenager who love in sport activity and wish to gain more experiences in organizing events. Meanwhile, an organization which dedicated to organize and promoting marathon run as well as sport activities.

We wish to create a whole new generation of roadrunners and giving amateurs the opportunity to improve and professionals the chance to compete. Besides, to build an organization with a team of sporting teammate in organizing the marathon and sport events. We might gain more experience and growth from organizing different events.

Furthermore, for the health & fitness side to encourage healthy living through running events.

Living healthy boils down to simply making healthy choices. Healthy means missing out on all the good stuffs! Healthy choices can be pretty much fulfilling as the unhealthy ones.


Nobody is perfect, so is the system. But we dearly welcome your suggestion and feedback. Our team will surely take measures to fulfil your request or recommendations.

We improve to create a stronger team to support as well as to strive further.